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Do you want to showcase the features and engineering capabilities of your product in a detailed way ? 3D Graphics Design and Animation is the answer to this. Be it a consumer product or a heavy engineering equipment, our photo realistic rendering and animation can explain the hidden features of your product to the potential customers. We use Blender and Camtasia for the animation purpose. You can check out our engineering animations at our YouTube channel Learn Engineering.



Design of mechanical components

Design of mechanical components, Say it a power shaft or gearbox transmission , our long expertise in this field makes us an ideal partner in the design of power transmission and load carrying components. The primary tool we use for the design purpose is SolidWorks. Following are the our area of expertise.

3D CAD modeling

  • Converting conceptual sketches into 3D CAD model and rendering.
  • Complex surface modeling
  • Industrial Product design, consumer product design.
  • Design for manufacturability.
  • Support for new product development.

  • Creation of assembly and simulation

  • Large assembly with the help of high performance workstation.
  • Mechanical linkage simulation.
  • Machine assembly animation.

  • Generation of engineering drawings

  • Production drawing
  • Bill of material

  • Throughout the design process we stick to the basic engineering principles and make sure that the design conforms to the engineering standards. Using our expertise we can check whether the design meet the criteria of Mechanical strength, Torsional strength, Dynamic loading, Surface strength, Buckling, Fatigue, Stress concentration effect. Our designs conform to AGMA, ACME, AFBMA & AWA standards



    Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    CFD simulation of thermal equipments

    Computational fluid dynamics has started playing a major role in design and development of thermal and fluid flow related equipments. From geometry modeling to solution, we make sure that at each step we follow the path, which will give the most realistic result. We use the reliable CFD tool OpenFoam for this purpose. We at Imajey give utmost importance in getting the CFD results validated. Following are the areas we offer services in CFD.

    • UDF development
    • Multiphase flow
    • Combustion modeling & analysis
    • Turbomachinery anlysis
    • Heat transfer analysis

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