Success Stories

Our mechanical design expertise was used in this project to help Advance Technology Innovations Inc. to improve their patented design of electric skateboard. The work based on mechanical design calculations and FEA analysis resulted in a feasible design of the drive unit. The detailed fabrication drawings were delivered as an outcome of the project

Premature failure of the tubes of a vertical thermosiphon heat exchanger was a grave problem faced by the designers in Trion Labs LLP. Our detailed transient FEA analysis of the system found out the root cause of the problem. We also provided 2 major design change suggestions which are economical and viable. The change is now being implemented and tested.

In this project Imajey consulting engineers assisted Minihydro AS in developing their patented propeller turbine technology for the low head applications. The product development was done by keeping the power extraction to the maximum, while keeping the mechanical strength, stability and economical aspects also in the check. Extensive use of FEA and CFD analysis was used throughout the design process. The final outcome of the project was a well detailed, easy to follow fabrication drawings.