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Saturday, 18 August 2018

We have a dedicated team that develops engineering products, utilizing SolidWorks and a range of FEA software. The products we develop help clarify technological concepts in a better way, and our design engineers develop unique, fascinating, and patentable products. Some of our successfully developed products are listed below.


Monopermute is a single piece wonder. Using several similar pieces, you can assemble six different 3D shapes—the trick lies in the way you arrange the pieces. You will need to make use of your visualization skills to master the final assembly.


We cannot see the magnetic field, but the product Magnoviz will make it appear. This device uses a Magnetic viewing film that enables you to understand the Rotating Magnetic field in an easy way. Just separate the parts and observe the field of individual winding and later arrange them to observe the whole RMF.


If you are keen on understanding the physics behind gears, Spinfun is the right product for you. This mechanism produces fascinating motion. You will be able to understand why different parts of this mechanism behave the way they do by studying the physical laws that govern the gears. The detailed illustrations that come with this product help you understand the motion.


Engineering Animation

Friday, 17 August 2018

It is often difficult to illustrate various engineering technologies using hand-drawn graphics or CAD models. Our experienced team of 3D animators, working under the guidance of our product developers, can create almost any representation that falls under the category of engineering. Product developers follow a physics-based explanation while illustrating the workings of any technology. They even simulate the main elements of the technology using EMWorks to make sure that the physics behind the technology is explained in the right way. To get an idea of the quality and range of our 3D animation works, please check out our YouTube channel, Learn Engineering. The channel has surpassed 3.6 million subscribers, amassing 300 million+ views. Detailed classifications of different engineering animations we produce are listed below. If you have any 3D animation requirements, please contact us at

Automobile engineering

Internet and Telecommunication

Electronice and electricals

Electrical machines

Mechanical Equipement design

Aerospace engineering

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